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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Updating Your Blog List

When I first look at my blog, I look at my blog list to see who has posted 
something new and interesting for me to read.
 So I click on someone's list then I read their blog. 
I try to leave a comment because that's the nice thing to do.
 But I'm human and I don't always do that!

Then I look at their blog list to see who they follow and maybe
 there is someone else that I want to look at. 

However, sometimes I can tell that their blog lists aren't up to date. 
I can tell this because it will say that so and so last posted this 3 weeks ago, 
or 2 months ago, or even last year!

I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, 
but I bet those same people follow others who have posted more recently. 
They just haven't updated their list. 

Then it occurred to me, that maybe they don't know how to update 
or didn't know that they EVEN could update such a list.
 So that's my reason for posting today. 
I even added pictures to help with this process. 

Here are the steps:

Go to your Layout page in the design portion of blogger.

Find the gadget that says My Blog List and click edit.

It will say Configure Blog list at the top. 
You can see that I have 466 blogs I follow at this point. 

Click on the link that says Add to List

Then click on Blogs I'm Following then choose to either add all or you can individually check the boxes of the ones you want to have showing on your blog. 

I had 15 new blogs that I recently started following.
 I could choose to show all or just a few of them. 

Select All, Add, then Save. 
You can see that the number of blogs I follow now is 481
 (466 + 15 = 481).
 Now click save again. 

Now when I look at my blog list it will show the updated list
 of those that I am following. 

If you noticed, during this process, this is the same place where
 you can stop following a blog that you no longer want to follow.
 I don't have many that I quit following, but there have been a couple 
that I had to say, "What was I thinking when I started following this blog?"

That's it! Now when you look at your blog anyone who has a new post
 (that you follow) will have their link show up. 
This is a great way to share your friends with other friends. 

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for a great tutorial! I'm always looking for ways to make my blog better and this is definitely one of them!!!

    Shifting Teacher K-2


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