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Friday, December 4, 2015

Kinder Center for Counting

Yes, I know my blog name is 2nd in Line. . . but since I retired I have worked in some kindergarten classrooms and both my daughter and daughter-in-law teach kindergarten. So once in awhile you will see that I make things and show you things for grades other than 2nd grade.

On Black Friday as I was wondering around JoAnn Fabrics (waiting in a 2 and a half hour line, just to get fabric cut!) I came up with this idea below. I purchased the buttons, and the button holder at JoAnn's. 

 The foam trees and gingerbread men were from Michael's
They weren't on sale, but I did have a coupon that helped
 cut the cost a bit. 

I thought this button box was just the cutest!
 And the lid snaps down tightly too!

This Santa box is about 2 x 2 inches and the 
colored buttons fit perfectly in there. 

I wrote a number on each tree. There are 32 trees in a pack. So you can number them from 1-18 and then you'll have extras left over to make another center with just the numbers 4-18.

 Students can decorate the tree with the correct number of buttons. 

The same applies for the gingerbread men. You have enough to do the numbers 1-18 or you can make two sets of 3-18. 

With the gingerbread, they can even make a face to go with the buttons down their tummies.

I just love these and I hope some of you will try this with your kids too. 

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