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Friday, August 14, 2015

Sit Spots Give Away

Have you heard of these? Do you have them? 

Would you like them? 

I have a deal for you . . . a DEAL!

Sit Spots are ©velcro shapes that stick to your carpet (not rugs!).
They can show your students where to sit or stand. They really help those newbies to know where they are supposed to be.

Last fall I did a maternity leave for my daughter-in-law in her kindergarten class. (after I had taught 2nd grade for EVER!) 

Those lovely children had never been in a classroom situation so when you say "line up!" they look at you like you have lost your head!

So when I received my Sit Spots, it was a true God Send that really helped my kiddos line up the way we wanted them to. In our building we ask them to always line up in ABC order by their last name. I didn't want to write on the Sit Spots because I wanted my daughter-in-law to be able to use them again and again. So I put a piece of masking tape on the floor behind their spot. I wrote their name on the tape and that made it much easier for them to find their spot. 
 These pictures don't show the tape with their names on them.
 I added that later.
 You see this adorable rug with the farm scene. . . . 
Sit Spots won't stick to rugs like this. 
 This picture below shows the size of the circle shape.
 They can pull up easily if you want to move them, 
yet most kids leave them alone.

I know that you would really love to have a set of these for your own classroom. Here are a few of the shapes she has to offer.


I am thrilled to tell you that I have 2 . . .yes two $50.00 gift certificates to give away to 2 lucky people. Just fill in the raffle copter below to enter. Spread the word to gain more points. It's easy and exciting to win things!

One last piece of information. When you enter this give away, you may only use one email address. I want this to be a fair giveaway and allow everyone the same amount of chances to win. 


  1. Oh man!!! Would the circles be helpful!!! Fingers Crossed!

  2. I love sitspots! They make my music room run like a well oiled machine. Everyone knows and and where to go. Love them!

  3. I have used paper cutouts and packaging tape for 17 years. I am certainly going to order a set of these. I'm only sorry I hadn't found them sooner.:)

  4. My fingers are crossed! Thanks for offering this giveaway :)

  5. I don't have a blog to share on, but I'd love these for my room! They've been on my wish list for some time now...just waiting until I have extra money to spend in my room!


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