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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Seeing is Believing! You can Win It!

 Math has changed over the years. Not so much the facts, but how you find the facts and how you find the answers and even how you show your work. If you have kinders, firsties, and maybe even some 2nd graders who aren't totally grasping these ideas, maybe this set is for you. It's easy to use and fun to do for the kids. 

 The child will start by putting the blocks in the ten frames to show what the number looks like. Then they will pull them down to the two squares (or circles on some of them). In these two shapes they will create the number bonds (or addition facts) that equal the number on the top of the page. On the worksheet they will write down all the facts (or number bonds) that they have made. 

 This is a good way to show the turn around facts too. 

 These pictures show the numbers that are smaller
 than 11 and they are the ones that use the 
circles to put the number bonds in.
One of the ways that I teach them to find all the right number bonds, is to start with zero on one side and the rest of the cubes on the other side. They write down 0+16. Then they slide one cube over to show 1+15. They continue to slide one cube at a time, 2+14, 3+13, 4+12, etc. Until they are back at 16+0. 

This little guy is catching on and is starting to do them in his head without even sliding the cubes over. (Believe me, this is something he COULD not do before. But seeing is believing and he is getting it!)

I'd love to give a set of these away to someone and just maybe you can win it! 

Use this Rafflecopter to do your duty and cross your fingers! I'll announce the winner next week.


  1. This is so awesome! This colorful hands on product is just perfect for my kiddos!

  2. We have been working hard on number bonds in kinder, how perfect this would be!

  3. We have been working hard on number bonds in kinder, how perfect this would be!

  4. This is beautiful! Great activity!

  5. This looks great for my students who are struggling!

  6. I buy more things in black and white but I do like both options! :)

  7. Black and white makes $ sense, but I LOVE to have activities in color. Happy Sunday!

  8. I prefer black and white, but I buy both.

  9. Number bonds is a difficult concept to teach.

  10. I buy both but I prefer black and white.


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