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Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's All About That Space (not the Bass!) When Laminating

How do you laminate? Do you laminate at home or at school? 

It's all about that Space, bout that Space, no trouble!

I personally like to laminate at school. But I'm such a miser, I make sure that I waste very little laminating film. I have a tip that might help you save on laminating if you do it at school. 

I know that if you use the at home machines, you only laminate one page at a time, so this trick probably doesn't make that much difference. 

This first picture above shows how most people laminate. They lay two pieces of paper side by side and push it through the machine. This has to happen if you need both pages in full size. 

This picture above and below shows how you can have three pages side by side to push through the machine. 
First I trim off the edges of the pages that  have a lot of waste that is not needed for my use. That makes them smaller and more easier to lay side by side. It's amazing that even by trimming off a 1/4 of each side of a paper allows you to put three sheets in at one time. 

Now aren't you glad you saw this? AND, who's going to volunteer to cut all this out? 
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