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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Comes Right After This Sale?

Are you ready? For Day Light Savings Time? For Spring? Yes, I'm sure you are, because they both are just around the corner.

But what I'm really asking is Are YOU Ready for the TPT Sale?

Are you filling up your wish list? Is your cart full already? 

If you answered no to any of those questions, all you need to do is to go to my  TPT  store and check out the many things that are on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, February 25th.

Thanks to Karen Jones for this cute graphic!
It's a very simple process to take advantage of this sale. Put all the things you want into your cart. Go to the Check Out. This is where you add the code word "heroes" (Minus the quotation marks!). And wa-la! Your discounted (28%) price will show up. 

And if you have any credits from previous purchases, you can use these to help pay for your things.
Are you wondering how you get these credits? Well, that's an easy one. Once you purchase your items, you'll be given a chance to give some constructive feedback to the seller. After you give this constructive and thoughtful feedback, you'll be awarded credits. 
You may be thinking, "well, I'd like to open it up, use it with my class before I give that feedback." That's a really great idea and is clearly acceptable. Just don't forget! YOU want those credits!

Ok, enough here, I'm going shopping. Have fun! I hope you find some cool things!

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