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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oh Pumpkin! + a FREE THINGIE

Have you ever visited Learning Ahoy? Caitlin has a great blog and some really good activities to do with your kids. She let me try out her Oh Pumpkin game. My kids LOVED. IT! It is a great practice for my educational aide to do with just a couple kids or it can be played in a small group of 4-6, too.
Click on the red links above to go to her blog and her store.

Oh Pumpkin is a game using the first 100 fry word list.  I do have some 2nd graders who don't know all of these so it's been helpful to have this set. Plus the kids that come to my RTI group are first graders who specifically need help with their sight words. 

I store this set in a little container that I found at Walmart. I had to trim Caitlin's cover down a bit so that I could see what was in the box. But it works great this way and is very easy for storage and for the kids to use.

 These pictures show my own 2nd graders playing the game.

They draw a card, if they can read it they get to keep it. If they can't read it, then they put it back into the bottom of the pile.

 If they draw a card that says "Trade Cards With Another Player," then they can trade with anyone. Usually they look for someone who has a lot more cards than they have!

If they draw a card that says, "Oh Pumpkin!" then they have to
 put ALL their cards back in the pile!

I know that you would love this game if you bought it. Plus she has other Oh Pumpkin games with different skills that your kids will like too.

If you have found it yet, don't forget to pick up my FREEBIE this week!
You can click on the picture or here to get your own free set, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know what you think of this. . . I've had almost 300 friends grab this and only 6 took the time to say thanks!


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  1. The game looks so cute! Your stuff always makes me miss teaching little peeps!

    Thanks for coming out today... that was so cool! :)



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