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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Connections to Help Test Taking Skills

My building is a K-2 building, as are the other two elementary schools in our district. When the students leave our buildings they go to a 3-5 building. We miss seeing them and watching them grow. 

We were searching for ways to continue the relationship that we had with them as 2nd graders and wanted to help them try harder on the state assessments. They take them next week and we want them to know we still believe in them. We think they have a better relationship with us than their own 3rd grade teachers at this time of year.

We asked permission to leave our 2nd grade classroom and go visit with our students at the 3-5 building.  They agreed it was worth a try. We did it last year in October and we loved seeing them and they loved seeing us again! We even returned in May and praised them for doing a better job on their tests. 

Tomorrow is our day to go visit. I'm excited to see my kids from last year. They will all be in one room when I get there. We'll have time to remind them to do their best and that I will be following their scores. We also made some treats to give them to remind them to do their best. 

 The back of the card has my signature some smarties
 and a sharpened pencil.
 The front of the card has the acronym for Smarties with some suggestions for taking their tests.

I know that relationships are very important especially for some children who don't have good relationships with anyone including their family members. This kind of stuff is what excites me about teaching. 

How do you build relationships with your students or past students?


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