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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The End is Near. . . . OH DEAR!

31 Days. . . . That's all.

I can NOT believe that we only have 31 days left of this year. . .. Where did it go? What have I done with these kids? 

Well, I can honestly tell you that we have worked tirelessly on behavior. I have seen progress. I can tell the difference between the beginning of the year and now.

But the real question is. . . . What will the 3rd grade teachers think when they get them? They won't know (3rd grade is in another building across town) how far they've come. They won't know what weaknesses they used to have but don't anymore. They won't know how much growth they've made this year.  They won't see that Child A. who can read a level 8 now, couldn't even read a level 1 when she started 2nd grade! (We ask that all 2nd graders be able to read at DRA level 28 by the end of 2nd grade)

So what will we do in the next 31 days? Hmmmm? Well a lot of what I'm seeing here in the blog world. I am using the things that I have purchased from you or made for myself. 

Today we used Deana Kahlenberg's  (Primary Punch) Informational Text Features as a scavenger hunt. It's a great way to add movement to learning some pretty important stuff!

My RTI (Reading Shuffle) group uses Christina Bainbridge's Fry Phrases   My first graders love listening to each other read those phrases and timing them to see how fast they are reading.

What are you using in your classroom that works for you! I'd love to hear about it and see if it's something that might work for me.

I'm interested to hear about your favorite things to use right now. Go ahead and tell me about one thing that is effective for you.

Also you have till Friday night to enter my 400th follower give away. Scroll on down to find it. There are some great usable things to win. You're going to want to get a chance to win them!


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  1. OMG- thanks for the shout out, friend! :)

    I have 18 1/2 days... it's NUTS!



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