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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vacation is Almost Over. . . waaaaa!!!

Tomorrow is Friday. . . . Friday. . . The Last FRIDAY of my vacation. . . The . . . . Last. . . Day. . . Of. . . . My. . . Va-----Ca-------tion!

How did that happen? What did I get done? What did I do? Where did the time go? Who can answer these questions for me? I know. . . No one can! Because you are probably feeling the same way I do. . . .

reality is setting back in. . .

Alarms will ring around the nation on Monday morning.

People will drag their butts bottoms out of bed and shuffle to the shower. . .

the hot water will feel wonderful. . but so did that nice warm cozy bed too. WAAAAAA!!!

Another bad thing  about knowing that Friday is coming is that the day after that is Saturday and that's the day I have to take my daughter to Chicago to the airport so she can go back home. I dread this like the plague. . . . The only saving grace is that in 6 weeks we will be going down there for a long weekend.  I miss her so much when she's not here. We've had a lot of fun this past two weeks while she was here.

I missed doing more with her because I was focused on my mom's health. My daughter understands.  She knows that's a pretty important thing for me to do right now. My mom is doing SO much better. She will probably go home in a couple days. She's a strong woman. . . and not an old woman by any means!

Another thing that I missed this week was my Blogversary! I have been doing this since January 2nd of 2012! I know I should probably have a give away or raffle or something, but there just isn't time right now. . . maybe in the near future.

I have been able to squeak in lots of time to read your blogs and facebook posts while sitting at the hospital. Thank Goodness for my Ipad. There are so many cool things being made in our own little blogging world. I wonder if the "ditto book" (that's what we used to call them!) or idea book companies are seeing a drop in their business since so many of us are making our own things or buying from others? Hmmmmm?

I'm making a new pronoun activity that should be ready soon. Here's a sneak peak,
Check back tomorrow and see if I've finished it. . . 

Happy Friday to all of you whether you are in school now or go back on Monday.



  1. Haha! Your post made me laugh. I was thinking the same thing today!! It's amazing how fast two weeks can fly! Hope you enjoy the weekend!

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  2. Nice post, i like your post and think same when my vacation end in Monday. This process is going on every time.

  3. Cute blog! Newest follower.


  4. Nice to find another teacher-blogger from Michigan! Thanks for introducing yourself to me! I'm busy planning and organizing things for school this afternoon -- getting ready to go back tomorrow. Enjoy your last few hours of break! ;)


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