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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snow or no Snow. . . here goes!

My town is now without snow. . . In JANUARY?

Can you believe it?

In fact it is so without snow, my husband went golfing yesterday!

 IN MICHIGAN! That is just so not Michigan in January!

It was and will be today over 50 degrees! Who does that?
However, being over 50 degrees does motivate me to take down the outside Christmas lights instead of waiting for freezing cold day to do it in.

So without snow, how can we think about making snow things for the kids. . . well it's called our imaginations and that is what we'll do today!

I know of friends like Corinna Gandara in Hawaii that has snow falling on her blog, and I'm fairly certain that there isn't any snow in Hawaii. They also make things about snow. . . that's what the imagination is for. Dream on!

People in Florida do it all the time. They use things with mittens, snow, sledding, and skating. . . when was the last time they did any of that there?

In light of all this talk of snow, I want to highlight my Snownouns

They are very cutsie to look at and talk about all kinds of things to do with snowmen and women! They help your kids practice switching the pronoun for the noun that it is representing. It does it back and forth so the child can see how to interchange them. I have seen this on the NWEA test that we take and my kids were baffled on how to answer that question. That's my motivation for making this activity. What motivates you for making things? Leave me a comment and I'll happily give 3 away.

You can pick them up at my store.

P.S. Here's the update on my mom: She's been staying at my sisters nearby all this week. They are taking her back home today. She's doing so much better, but is now worried about being there with just she and my dad. My sister's been cooking for her all week and making sure she is eating the right things and taking the meds at the right time. . . now it will all be on my mom's shoulders. She is strong and I know she'll make do. It's a new phase of our lives . . . we have to do the best we can do. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. You are wonderful people.


  1. It is hard to imagine no snow in Michigan!! Originally being a Michigander, my mom (who is still there) sent us pictures of the lake (without ice) yesterday. We just couldn't believe it! When we were there 3 weeks ago their was at least a thin layer. Simply amazing! Enjoy the snowless landscape while you can :)


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