Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nonsense Word Practice and Valentine Jokes plus a giveaway!

Hello Everyone,

 I've been busy digging up old files and trying to update some things I made last year before I had a store.

Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and you just may want to get some things around well before it gets here so you can work on them, I decided to post some to my store today.

First I like to put jokes up through out the year on the kid's lockers.

They love to read, and who doesn't like to read a good joke. I consider it a good thing if a child reads a joke and can laugh at it too! That tells me they have good comprehension skills.

These jokes are perfect for 2nd graders. But your better readers in first grade or even 3rd and up would like them.  You can see more about them here.

Just copy them, laminate them, then cut them up. Tape the color heart on top of the black and white one at the top of the heart. Tape them to the lockers or anywhere they can be seen by the kids.

 Students read the joke, and lift it up to read the answer.

Then sit back and wait for them to come and tell you the funny ones!

Another activity that I'm posting is to practice with contractions. I know that this is nothing new. But with the Valentine theme, it fits this time of year and is cutsy to look at as they practice matching the boy with two words with the girl holding the contraction that matches.  You can pick these up here

Both of the these two are made using the clip art and fonts from DJ Inkers.

And finally I am teaching some first graders to practice making nonsense words. So I made up this set of cards to do just that! The students will mix these all up then try to make as many different nonsense words as they can. You can see these here.

If you're still here, I'd like to give 5 of these away. Leave me a comment, and tell me which one would be best for you. Leave me your email address. I will pick 5 winners tomorrow night. Good luck! I hope  you win!



  1. I would love the contractions pack! Thanks!

  2. I teach nonsense words during our school wide intervention time so I would LOVE the nonsense word pack!! :o)


  3. Cherie and Cindy, check your mail. . . you have a surprise!


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