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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Swaportunity- Can you spell it?

SWAPORTUNITY.   . . . you've all seen that commercial. . . where they child is in a spelling bee and the moderator gives the word. . . I love that word!
And today we are having a SWAPORTUNITY!

Jessica over at Mrs. Stanford's Class is hosting a swap between many many bloggers. You can go to her blog and find more people who are involved in this SWAPORTUNITY!


I had the wonderful opportunity to swap with Nicole Rios from Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade She is a 2nd grade teacher from California. If you haven't been to her blog, I would suggest you go find her as soon as you leave my blog!

She shared with me her Flip Book on 3D shapes. I did this with my students this week and I have to say I am truly amazed! This activity really hits home with my students. They loved it and I truly feel they learned a lot about shapes and their properties.

I teach my class in groups of about 8 kids. One group is with me, one group is on the computers and one group is doing either seat work or center activites.

We started with looking at these models of the shapes that I had in my class.

The first thing that amazed me was that she figured out HOW to make this so that it all folded together perfectly! She gave me very clear directions for copying it two sided so that it aligned right. And it did!

She said I could have the kids do the folding or do it myself. . . . I thought about having my aide do it, but then I thought I would jump right in and see how the students did with it.

I was very impressed. My students did well with this.

However here's an interesting twist. The first group that I did this with was my top math students. Very bright students, but they struggled with folding! They wanted to fold TO the dotted line, not on it! hmmmmm. . . . smart with intelligence, but no so on manipulatives! The 2nd and 3rd groups had no problem with the folding, but sometimes they struggle with math concepts!

There are 4 pages that they have to fold and staple together so they make the booklet.

Because I meet with these groups, I only have about 30 minutes with each group. The first day we put the books together. The seond day we started working on the pages and doing the work that was asked of us.
 They learned how to count the faces, the vertices, and the edges. They tallied the number of shapes each face had on each shape, and they connected with real world images that had the same shapes.
They use highlighters to designate where the edges are.
They LOVE using highlighters!

We stopped and talked about each shape as we completed the booklet.
They love to touch the parts of the shapes.
Here we are all touching the VERTEX of the cone!
OOOOH a new word!
They glue real world pictures on for each of the shapes.
Can you tell by his expression and his eyes how he feels about this?

Our completed booklets about 3D Shapes!
I did this in 3 days with 30 minutes each day. I think it was a good idea to break it into at least a couple days. One day to put it all together and another day to complete the work on each page.

My students loved this activity! They kept telling me how fun it was.

I know that if my second graders can do this, your kids can too.

Don't forget! You can pick this up at Nicole's TPT shop here!

And . . . . if you like this flip book, she also has one about short vowels. . .

I think I'm going to have to check that one out too!

She used 3D shapes graphics from Ginger Snaps Art
The fonts were from Kevin and Amanda.

The Cube Cover graphics were by Graphics from the Pond

If you want to see one of my activities head on over to Mrs. Rios Teaches 2nd Grade to see what she had to say about my stuff!



  1. Patty, Thank you so much for using my 3D Flip Book with your students. I am so glad you and your students enjoyed it.

    Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade

  2. Great review!! Thanks for joining for the swap :) I hope you'll sign up for the next!

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
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