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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Locker Fairy Freebie (it's a repeat!)

Last week our library cleaned out books that weren't being checked out much. They stamp them with DISCARD and let the teachers take what ever they'd like. I grabbed a bunch of them and stuck them in the lockers of my kids with a note attached that said, "Just for you from the Locker Fairy!

When the kids returned the next morning, they were so excited to get something from the Locker Fairy!

One little guy even said, "Yea, I got this cool book from the Locker Fairy and I think she stole it from the Library!" Too cute!

The kids have their suspicions about who the Locker Fairy is, but I never let on! You can get your Locker Fairy notes here. They are created in color, but if you print them in black and white they do just fine.

I know that it's the end of the year, but if you're cleaning out cupboards and find stuff that you know someone would love, stick it in their locker with this note and see their faces glow. Sometimes we give to everyone and sometimes, it's just a couple kids.

I am going to become invisible for the rest of this week.  I feel attracted to blogging, but I really must push myself away so that I'm not up till past midnight on Wednesday night. I have report cards to finish as well as assessments to complete.

Tomorrow after school I am bringing 10 of my students to my house because they have completed or are currently working on Divison facts in our Rocket Math. They will come just for an hour and a half, but they love it a lot. I live next door to a park which has a community playground that everyone likes to play on. Plus they like to see my house and where I eat and where I check papers and where my bed is. . . it's a very fun experience to watch their eyes light up.

Plus I must leave time in my schedule to see my granddaughter. I am already in love and am such a sap over seeing her. She's changed so much already. 
Here's my favorite picture. . . and then I'll quit. . . .

 Have a lot of fun whether you are done or near done!

I AM counting. . . 4 days with kids, one with staff! Boo ya!



  1. Very cute notes from "the locker fairy"! I love it!


    Third Grade's A Charm

  2. Love the Locker Fairy notes! what a great idea! Your granddaughter is adorable! Enjoy every minute with her!


    2nd Grade Pig Pen


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