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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exercising with Gusto! and my sister, too!

Do any of you use your summer break to "try" to get in more exercise?
I do, I feel that it's my best time because my schedule allows so much more freedom. Finding time during the school year to commit to an exercise regime is very hard,  work,   useless,   impossible,    tough to do.

I have a sister who teaches 4th grade in a nearby town. (Have I ever mentioned her? hmmmm ? I don't think I have. . . . but then again, I don't think she reads this, so I have no worries!)

We started out this week on Sunday walking up and down big hills on her road. We walked 4.5 miles and got quite a work out. So much so, she wanted to repeat it for the next day. . .  did I tell you that she is NINE years younger than me. . . .? AND that NINE years means a lot of difference in ability to work out!

Anyway we did that for 3 days this week. She had to cancel on me again this morning. So now that my daughter is home from Texas, (did I mention that either? Well she is and she's already very fit and works out all the time during the school year, AND she is a teacher! YES I know, we have a lot of teachers in our family. . . but that's another story someday!)

So today we decide to take a different course. . . . the high school track! Yippee skippee. . . 4 times around makes one mile. . . simple! RIGHT? . . . . WRONG! We decide to add a little "umpf" to our work out and climb the bleachers also. . . . and not just once. . . .we go up them, down them, up them, down them, up them, and down them one more time. . . and then back around the track and repeat the bleacher routine for a total for FOUR times.  By the time we walk there and home, we have put on 3.66 miles. (that's according to my Nike wristband that tells me how far I'm going and how many calories I've burned.)

Now I have to ask myself. . . is the walk up and down the hills better or worse than the walk up and down the bleachers. . . What do you think?

To add to all that exercising today, our cable went out around 11:00. Doesn't sound so bad does it?

So what . . . no TV. . . we can do that!!! But then my husband realized that the Tigers (as in Detroit) are playing at 1:00 and that tv better be back on! 

Not only was the TV out, but the house phone AND the internet were down. . . Now you're messing with me!! NO internet all day? What's up with that?
We survived. . . there were games played, lots of cooking and preparing meals for a couple days, shopping done, and even a few naps were thrown in for good measure.  Talk about dependence on the CABLE! It finally came back on around 5:45 and life is all good now.  I can blog stalk a bit more today before I try to make something for school to share with you.

Ok, I'm done, go read someone else. . . and I will too!



  1. We lost internet at summer school today too! HUGE bummer as we were just getting ready to go to the computer lab!

    Also, now I'm being nosy... where does your sis teach?


    1. She teaches 4th grade in Bronson. She has 25 years in there. She lives in Sturgis. I have 3 sisters who all live in St. Joseph county. . . kind of funny that we were all raised near Flint, and now all ended up down here together! My other sisters both live in Centreville.

    2. Well, I guess I'm not a good enough stalker... I already knew about your 2 sisters over my way... but not the mysterious Bronson teacher sister! LOL


  2. That's a tough one. I think it depends all on the slope of the hills versus the bleachers. Either way it sounds like good exercise to me! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I love finding new bloggy friends. I am exercising up a storm this summer too hoping to lose a little weight but have no idea how I will keep up with it during the school year.
    First Grade Shenanigans

  4. Summer is always my favorite beacuse I can wake up on my own and still get my workout done in the morning without having to rush around!

    As far as hills vs. bleachers I am thinking the bleachers are going to use your glutes and thighs more since you are actually stepping up...but if the hills are really big it could do the same thing! Quite honestly either one is great for you!! It's so great you have a workout buddy (that always keeps me more accountable!!)

    P.S. Enjoy your time with your daughter!!~


  5. I am so envious that you live close to your sisters. I have two older sisters and they live in the next county, which really isn't that far away, but it is across the mountain from where I live and sometimes it is hard to make the trip when I am so busy. I used to live not far from them and in the summer we would all get together every other day. They both teach also. Enjoy the time with your sis! I so need to exercise, just haven't found my motivation yet!! LOL


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  6. Hey you!

    Thanks for stopping by my store! I work in Farmington Public Schools and the name you mentioned does ring a bell...what's his first name? Steve?

    I hope to be at the Michigan meet-up...will you be there?

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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