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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flashlights, Reading, and a Question

Something new this week. . . . my kids want to work under my desk. . . .

That may not seem so unusual, but it just started.  They've never asked all year long.

When I checked on them this week to see what they were doing under there, I noticed that it was pretty dark down there.

Not that they minded, but the mother in me wanted them to have more light. (Didn't your mom always turn the light on if you were reading in a dim lit room? MINE DID!)

I found a flashlight and gave it to them and BINGO! They were all set to stay there for ever! Well, not forever, but you know what I mean!

Today I looked under to see how they were doing and it was so cute, adorable, creative to see the flashlight somehow attached to my desk so they didn't have to hold on to it while they worked! (Follow the purple arrow!)

That made me think about giving my kids little flashlights for end of the year gifts. I can just see them reading under their own kitchen tables, or behind the couch, or under the covers, or where ever else they have a small dark space! Funny how kids like this. But if it works we have to foster it.

Tomorrow night we are meeting with parents and students. We call it Summer Math and Literacy Night. We have asked parents to come at 4:00 (right after school dismisses) or 5:30. They will go to their child's grade level room. In each room there will be pizza (if you feed them, they will come!), water and lots of information for them.

We are going to show them where their child was at the end of last year in DRA2 and Rocket Math, where they were when the school year started, and where they are now. This will show them the slippage that happens over the summer.

We will also show them where they need to be when the school year starts. We have put together a workbook for them to work on when ever during the summer. They will bring this to their 3rd grade teacher in the fall. Those teachers will send them to us, and we'll award a prize to anyone who returns it finished. We also have dice and decks of cards with games to play with them so they can keep their math skills in place.

The summers that you and I had are long gone. The stakes are too high and the slippage is too much. We need to get parents on board with us to help their child become more successful.

Now for the Question!

Last week sometime, I copied a dice game from someone. It is called Have a Rollin and Shakin Good Summer! and it was in a baggie with a pair of dice. I have a question for that author but I don't remember who made that game up. It has a game called HFW Roll It! but I don't know what HFW stands for. It says to use 18 HFW flash cards. Does anyone know what that stands for or who made this game?
Help a girl out, please!!!


  1. HFW means High Frequency Words... hope that helps!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

    1. Now that seems pretty simple to think about now! But I was thinking of math! Duh! Thanks for helping me out! I even asked another teacher and she couldn't help me, but then she ONLY teaches math! I hope that doesn't make me look too foolish!! wink wink!

  2. Great idea about showing the parents all the information so they can see how much their childs slides during the summer break! For some students it is a huge step back- for some of mine anyway.
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Cute! Sometimes kids need a new environment for working in and your desk happens to be that!

    On Monday I had a few 2nd graders that I subbed for ask if they could write in their journals on the floor. Mmm ok, sure, whatever gets you writing. They were sure into it!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  4. HFW stands for high frequency words,in Houghton Mifflin that is the story words not necessarily the Sight words.

    I don't know who had the game.

    I hope you have a great week. what a cute idea about the light under the desk.


  5. It is from Melissa at Today in First Grade. I downloaded it, too!!

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