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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Final $$ For Home Service Project

Our service project is now done. The K-2 students in our community raised over $2,000.00!!!

Read that again!!! OVER $2,000.00. . . . That's in just 2 weeks. . . . that's enough to build a home. . . . AND a bathroom. . . . and some left over to help this family out.

Each day we get a 6-8 page powerpoint to share with our students the progress on the home. Our kids are stunned to see this home being built with shovels and sticks to dig with. There are no back hoes, or large motored tools to do the work. Our money mainly pays for the materials. The family and friends build this home on their own.

What a proud moment for us. We knew our students would give a lot. . . but this is over the top!

On another note. . . .
Yesterday many of you bloggers mentioned casually that your students were:
A. going bonkers
B. Out of their minds
C. Driving you crazy
D. Noisier than ever
E. Ready for summer vacation

I read those comments and thought,  not my kids. Nah! They are in great shape. You must have some off the wall kids.

Big problem!

I thought too soon!
Today MY students wer A-E and more! I will not tell them we are nearing summer. . .but they do know they have about 6 weeks left. We'll see if they do the math and figure it out!

So glad that I can join the ranks of the rest of you and say the same things about my students too.
Thanks a lot!


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