Wednesday, May 17, 2017

There's Help for the Summer Doldrums!

Can you see the end of the year in sight? Are you wondering what your kiddos will do all summer long? Will they retain all that you've taught them? I think I have an answer for you. 

My friend Ashley Reed has a great blog post (and she gave me permission to share this with you!)
about things to do this summer that will engage your young ones. Please click HERE to read more about it. There is even a freebie that you can use to share with the parents in your class too. I hope this helps you and your students. 

I have some calendars set up for the 3 months that you can also print and send out to families. They give them something simple to read at home on any given day. Click HERE for those. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gift Card Winner Announced

Congrats Jacqueline! I'll send you the coupon code and the item you asked for right away. 

For all those who left a comment. . .  you aren't going away empty handed. I'm also giving you the item you listed. I appreciate you taking the time to leave the comment and make my day that you visited my blog!
 I call this a Win-Win for all of us!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, May 8, 2017

You Could Win a Ten Bucks From TPT!

And MORE big news!

This contest is now closed. Thanks for entering!
Click HERE to go to my store!

Good luck!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Being a Teacher and A Mom! What a Job!

Today, I would like to share a post with you that
 I believe many of you can relate to. 

Being a Teacher and a MOM at the same time! 

I know! 

It's not an easy job. But we are doing it everyday. 

Read about Melanie from

I think you'll agree with her in many ways!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Flashlights Can be the Wow You Need to Get Your Child to Read!

At the end of the year, I like to encourage my kiddos to read more during the summer. . . Don't we all!

Reading with a flashlight is different and fun at the same time. 
Kids don't always own their own flashlights. So I search the discount stores for small flashlights that might cost a dollar less. 
(Be sure that there is a battery included.) 

Reading with a flashlight might just be the thing you need to get some kids reading a bit more during the summer. 

I updated my flashlight poem and you can grab it for free here. Please, please, please, leave me some feedback so I know that you grabbed it and that you like it. 

Plus, there could be a TPT sale coming up. You would be wise to go back and fill in all your feedback so you can earn those extra credits to help take some of the ¢hing off the ¢ha ¢hing!!!

If you don't know how to check to see if you need to leave feedback, you can find out more about it HERE.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

DJ Inkers Winner

I have a winner of the Top of the Class CD from DJ Inkers. Timothy S. will be receiving this glorious CD filled with over 650 clip art images and a font too! Thank you to everyone who entered the rafflecopter drawing. I hope you enjoy hearing more from DJ Inkers and their wonderful products. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing this CD it is on sale for $10.00 off right now. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Top of the Class DJ Inker CD You Can Win and Create With!

DJ Inkers is so excited to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with YOU! The fun begins on April 27th with fabulous teacher FREEBIES & incredible SALES all week long! You’ll find adorable classroom clip art, fabulous fonts, educational printables & smiles... ALL ON SALE for the celebration! 
(The sale ends May 3, 2017)

You can click HERE to sign up for their emails. 
You won't be disappointed!

In honor of this celebration, I'd like to highlight one of their great clipart collections. 

Have you ever seen all of the clipart in
There are over 650 darling clip art images, including school supplies, borders, award certificates, bookmarks, sayings, and a star alphabet. This teacher favorite even includes a cute font, a school time scrapbook set and writing templates too! 

Here's a sample of some of the clipart that's on this CD. 

Click the picture to go to their website.
(DJ Inkers gave me this product to try before I shared it with you. I can sincerely vouch for this product and tell you that it is just as wonderful as I thought it would be.)

I created this activity from some of the pictures found in this CD. I made it to help some of my first graders hear the difference between the CH and SH sounds. 

Click this picture above to go to my store and grab this freebie!
(Some of the pictures in this product came from other sets of DJ Inker clipart. I needed specific things that started or ended with these letters.)

This is a free product and is very easy to use with your students. It has 18 pictures that the students need to sort between the CH and SH sounds. There are two mats for them to lay the correct picture on.  I created a black and white set in case that fits your needs better. You can print them on white or colored paper. 

I'm also thrilled to share with you a giveaway from DJ Inkers. They want to give one of you the Top of the Class CD or Download so that you too, can create your own fabulous stuff. 

Fill out the Rafflecopter and cross your fingers, maybe you'll be a lucky winner. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Win $25 from TPT!

It's time for another giveaway!


Prize: $25 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

Giveaway Organized by: Kelly Malloy (An Apple for the Teacher)

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter to enter. Giveaway ends 4/24/17 and is open worldwide.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fun Bus Tips That Will Help Occupy the Ride

It's time for many of us to start planning our field trips for the end of the year. If you are taking kids on a bus for a long ride, I may have something that can make that ride a little more enjoyable and manageable for everyone. 

Click HERE for a post rewind that shows you a great tip. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kids Can Be Helpful to Others Plus a Giveaway

I am excited to share an author with you today and she's going to send one person an autographed copy of her newest book.  Will it be you?

I had the real priviledge of meeting Michigan Author Maria Dismondy 
on a couple of occasions. 

But I really got to know her better when she came to my school and presented to our students. 

 I have seen many authors speak to our students. Many are very good writers or illustrators but lack speaking skills with young children.

However, Maria can do both and she can do them both very well. She held their attention and she kept it exciting. She knows when they need a break from sitting and she continuously gets them moving. AND she can get their attention back quickly when she needs that too. 

When she asked me to help with her book tour, I was more than willing to jump right in. Her books speak volumes to kids. We all have students like the characters in her books. 

She "gets" kids. She really does.

Click HERE to see more about her tour in Michigan.

Her newest book is called The Jelly Donut Difference. 
It's all about sharing kindness with the world. 

When I read it to a class of 2nd graders, they all could see themselves or others in this book. They admitted to acting just like the characters in the book. They could laugh at them, but also realize that their actions did affect other people. Being Kind is the theme of this book and it gives great examples of how kindness does affect others. 

I read this book to them on Fat Tuesday.

It was the perfect day to read about paczki. 
(pronounced POONCH-KEY)

We then did a character study with this book. 

(I have to apologize that I spelled Doughnut wrong on this sheet! WHOOPS!)

We discussed each character and listed good and bad traits to each one. 
It was clear to these students that the characters made some changes by the end of the book. We talked about how we, too can make changes after we do something wrong.

Then to bring the story more real to them they each got to eat a paczki. We had lemon, blueberry, and strawberry. 

Most of them agreed that they were very tasty. 

If you'd like to learn more about Maria, click HERE.

 You can also watch this quick trailer about the book. 

Click HERE to download a dropbox file filled with fun activities for you to do with this book.

Click HERE if you want to order a book from Amazon.

Maria even does real and virtual school visits.

 Click HERE to find out more.

 More books by Maria Dismondy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, March 13, 2017

How Does an Extra $25 Sound to You?

I love being a part of giveaways! 
Bringing joy to someone's life is the best! Heck, winning anything is fun, but winning $25.00 is pretty darn cool!

Here's the scoop!

The prize is:  $25 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card

Thanks to  Kelly Malloy (An Apple for the Teacher), for organizing this. 

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below.  This giveaway ends 3/20/17 and is open worldwide.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Valuable Vowel Games Can Create Superior Readers

I finished some of my vowel games that my own students love to play. They laugh, they frown, they cheer, they learn! And above all, they beg to play it again and again.

These games keep them reading new and old words and loving the special cards that make them lose, trade, or get extra cards. 

This is the Spring set.

Click on the picture above to go to my store. 

This is the Valentine set.

Click on the picture above to go to my store.

There are actually 2 games in one with each set. There is the regular vowel set that has words with  a silent e at the end. The second set is with irregular vowels like ea, oa, oo, ei, ui, ight, and many more. 

These are both on sale for just 24 hours. So grab them if you'd like a fun way for your  kiddos to learn these regular and irregular vowel words. 

And in case you're thinking ahead to next year, there is also a set for Christmas time. 
Click on the picture above to go to my store. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Time to Improve Those Fact Family Skills With Ease

My students need practice with fact families, so I made this set for them. It's for adding and subtracting. You can get it at half off until Saturday night!  That's only $1.50!

You can put the colored copies on your document camera while you teach the strategies. They can be laminated or put in a plastic sleeve and use a marker on them. 

You can hand out the black and white copies for your students to do independent work. 

So if your students are also needing more practice in this, click HERE to get it.