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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Providing Feedback

In my most recent post, I shared with you how to update your purchases. Click HERE to read that post. 

Today I want to share another thing that you can explore while you're in the MY PURCHASES section of your TPT. It's where you find out if you've left feedback or not for the things you've purchased or got for free. 

This one also gives you a gift! You can get credits for giving feedback. What are credits? Those are points that are turned into cash when you purchase more things from TPT.

You can check to see if you've left feedback. 

Did you realize that giving feedback helps the seller know if they are truly offering a quality product. It's just plain polite to say thanks when someone makes something for you, even if you paid for it. You thank the waitress at a restaurant don't you? Give teachers the same benefit. 

Let me show you how you can tell if you've given feedback or not. 

In that same My Purchases section, you can see the pink and green arrows are pointing to where I have NOT left feedback. It says "Provide Feedback" so I know that I need to go back to this link and tell the seller how I feel about their product. 

If I find a typo or if I am unclear about something, I will leave them a message in the Q & A section. I won't leave them a bad rating over something that I'm not sure of. Finding a typo means that they are human. Give them a chance to fix it before you rate them poorly. 
You can also see the blue arrow that shows where I HAVE left some feedback. This makes it easy for me to see which ones I have left to comment on. 

You may be wondering how to check your credits. 
I can show you that too.

Go to your TPT page and log in. Click on the MY TPT link.
See where it says TpT Credit Balance? That's the next place you click. 

 When that opens up, it will show you how many credits you have. Mine shows that I have 34 credits right now. 
 You can save your credits or you can spend them at any time you'd like. 

Each credit is worth 5 cents. But those five cents add up fast! Especially if you haven't been keeping up with giving feedback! 

So get busy! Check your purchases, and see if you have some credits you didn't know you had! 

If you found some, I'd love to have you leave me a comment and tell me what you found! 

P.S. I'd love for all of you to go back and check your free purchases too. If you haven't left any feedback, please do me a favor and tell the seller something nice about their product. After all, they gave it to you for free! They could have charged you for it, but they didn't. So do the right thing and tell them thanks! 

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