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Thursday, February 21, 2019

More Reading Fun With a Free Calendar

March is truly around the corner. 
That means only one thing. . . Spring is coming too!! 
We still have snow on the ground in Michigan and I know many other states do too. But once March rolls in, it's a promise that a change is coming. 

Are you getting ready for March is reading month? If so I have a free calendar with activities that your students can do at home during the month. 

I've included a list of some prizes they can earn for completing this calendar. But if you don't want to do those prizes, feel free to white that part out when you copy it. Some teachers just give a free book if they complete a certain percentage of those items.

This also has a Spanish version attached. We print them on front and back (English/Spanish) so that those families that need it can easily see it. 
You can grab it in my TPT store.

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