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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Your Students Will Love Incredible Equations!

This is a rewind from last May, but I think it's timely for right now. 

Have you ever heard of Incredible Equations?

This picture below shows what I'm talking about.

This can be done every day or once a week. But it should be done on a regular basis in order for the students to catch on and understand number sense better. It can be done as a whole group in place of or in addition to your calendar. It can also be done in small groups where each group can add to the chart. 

Here are the simple directions:
  • Pick a number for them to focus on. In the beginning of the year, pick a smaller number. (You may have to model for them several ways to find those answers, but in time, some kids will see it on their own.) 
  • Students think of problems that  have that chosen number as an answer.
  • They can use a variety of strategies to equal that number. (add, subtract, multiply, and divide)
  • They can think about clocks, money, tally marks, place value, dice, dominoes, or ten frames that can show that same number. 
  • Look for patterns that might repeat if you add one to each number or subtract one from each number. (52-27, 53-28, 54-29, 55-30, etc.)
  • Stretch their brains by telling them that one thing is the same as another name, like  5+5+5+5+5 is the same as 5x5, or 5 nickels = one quarter. 
  • They can add 2 numbers, 3 numbers, or more to get to the chosen number. 
The kids love this and they love saying the words Incredible Equations. Great vocabulary!

 You can do this on a pad of paper, your whiteboard or whatever works for your room. If you display them in your room, they can use them as a resource when needed. 

Please let me know if you try this and how well it works with your kiddos.  

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