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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Math Strategies Need to be Practiced for Quick Recall!

Many teachers are having trouble with getting their kids to know their math facts with quick recall. I don't really care what math drill you use, if your kids don't know the strategies, then they can't have quick recall. 

It's that simple. Learn the strategies over and over and over and over and over. . . . well, you get it. . . 

And they'll be able to learn their facts quickly. 

Do you need something to help them learn their doubles facts and keep them in the front of their brains? I think I have just what you need. 

Click the picture to go to my store.

This set of Roll and Covers will give them plenty of practice with the Doubles, Doubles + 1, and Doubles + 2. 

Each game has 10 different mats so they can be used many times and not feel like they are doing the same thing. 

These games can be played with just 2 students or more than two. They can be used independently in a center or in a small group activity. 

You'll need 1 or 2 dice, markers of different colors like Unifix cubes, coins, beans or corn, bears, or whatever is convenient to you. 

They need only a small amount of space to play in and even a hallway will work, if they can work quietly without bothering others. 

You can even invite another class in to help them play. Team up some third graders with 2nd graders or whatever grade level is in your building. 

They are on sale right now at less than half off until Sunday, Feb. 5th. Grab them now or pay more later!

The more you practice the more they will know!

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