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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Comprehension Snapshots! SMILE!

Do your kiddos need help or more help with comprehension? Mine do and I wasn't ready to do the ordinary comprehension questions that I always seem to ask.

Suddenly I remembered that I own Christina Bainbridge's set of Comprehension Snapshots. (Please tell me that you also forget some of the things that you own! I can't be the only one!)

If you are wondering what her Comprehension Snapshots are, take a peek at the sign she has on her TPT store:

I think that's a perfect definition.
They are quick and just the thing my 2nd graders need.

Click the picture to go to her store.

I work with small groups of students in my part time job. I also run one RTI (Response To Intervention) group. In this particular session of RTI, I have been given the top readers from all three of the 2nd grade classrooms. These 17 kids will come to me for 30 minutes four days a week.

(Don't laugh, but I have to work in the basement with this group. My little room upstairs is about the size of your home bathroom (NO JOKE!) So any background you see in these pictures is purely basement walls and storage junk!)

It occurred to me that Christina's Comprehension Snapshots would be perfect for this group. The pages are good for 2nd or 3rd graders. I knew they would be either perfect or maybe a bit of a challenge to this group. And THAT'S just what I needed to stimulate them. 

First I asked them to independently read and answer the questions on their sheet. 

 Then I asked them to share with a partner how they answered the questions and see if they had similar or different answers.

 And lastly we discussed their answers. On this particular paper we found there could be a couple different problems and a couple different solutions. We also were able to spend more time deciding what the setting of the story was. It wasn't a right there question in this story. You had to read between the lines to figure it out.  (Great practice for kids to read between the lines!)

 The pages are setup with two of the same stories on one page, so you only have to print half as many as the students you have in your class and then cut the pages in half. 

When the students see these, they are not overwhelmed by thinking the have to do a full page of work. Seeing a half page is easier for them to handle. It's just like the title. . it's a Snapshot!

If you're wondering what the lessons are, you can see the table of contents in the preview that Christina has in her store.  Click here to see the preview. 

She also has many other Snapshots products for 1st graders, for math, and for other language arts skills. Click HERE to go to her Snapshots section. 

If you would like to know more about Christina, be sure to check out and follow her blog. Click HERE for that!
I hope you will check these out. I have NO doubt that you will love them as much as your students do. 


  1. The basement? No worries, I'm sure you make it wonderful! Looks like great instruction and practice.

  2. These look perfect for my 2nd graders... heading over to check them out! Thank you for sharing your experience with them!

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