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Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to Update Your Purchases

 I love gifts! I bet you do too. But did you know that the sellers that you have already bought from may have given you a gift and you didn't even know it? 
 I was going through my purchases to see if anyone had updated some things that I already own. And I found 3 things that had updates! That's a gift! That's a welcome surprise! Would you like to know how to find out if you have some gifts? 

Here's how:

Go to your Teachers Pay Teachers page. 

Below, you can see my page. See where the pink arrow is. . . 
that's where you can see many things but the important one right now is
My Purchases.  

Click on those words. 

When that opens up, you'll see this page below. The left side shows your paid purchases. The right side shows your Free Downloads. 

Open the tab that says Recently Purchased. Scroll down a bit to the words Recently Revised. Then click. This will open up any purchases that you have that have been improved. 

When you see the words in RED that say Newly Revised Re-Download, you know that you have a gift! That seller has updated their work and they want you to have the latest information. I marked these with the blue, pink, and green arrows. 

If you want to see just what they did to revise this, click on the words Description of Revision.  A little window will pop up to show you the changes. 

Next you can click on the Download Now tab, and it will give you the latest version of their work installed on your computer. 

It's time for you to check your purchases and also your FREE DOWNLOADS too. See if you have any gifts! I'd love to hear from anyone who found something that was updated!

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  1. Great info. You can also sort by newly revised. Then all the revised purchases are at the top.


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