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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Twitter Me DO!

Did you know that if you try something new it will strengthen your brain? I did this in the fall when I subbed in kindergarten for my daughter-in-law. I did it for 12 weeks. Let me tell you that I know that my brain gained many new cells just from teaching kinders. Holy Moly! I have a new appreciation for you teachers. 

Now that I've finished with that challenge, I'm on to another one. You may already do this, but I have not. In fact I'm timid when it comes to this. . . . I'm referring to TWITTER.  I have an account. I am learning how to follow others, read their posts, star what I like and even retweet! (Isn't that a cute word?) 

I'm telling you all of this to see if you have any interest in following me on Twitter. If you have a twitter account, please let me know so I can follow you too. My account is

If you aren't familiar with how to twitter, then be sure to join me and we can learn together. I am nearly but not completely clueless. 

Come back tomorrow and you'll find out my truths and my one lie. . . giggle giggle.  . . I think you'll all love this!


  1. Twitter is awesome! I hope you love it... There's a Twitter Chat tonight that runs under the #G2Great (Good to Great) hashtag. Not sure what the questions are, but search that hashtag around 7:45 central time and you'll see lots of posts! :-) I'm Michelle from @BigTimeLiteracy and I'm off to follow you!

  2. Good luck on Twitter!!! I just followed you. I think I AM completely clueless...


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