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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Truths be Told

Last Tuesday many of you read my 2 truths and 1 lie. It was interesting to read your thoughts and to read other people's two truths and a lie.

So here is the big reveal!

1. Is true! Back in 1979 Michael Kennedy who is the son of Robert Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy actually slept in my bed at my parent's home. He was in town campaigning for his Uncle Ted who was running for president in 1980. The Democratic committee didn't want him to stay in a hotel and have possible run ins with some unlikely females in town. So they asked my parents if he could stay at our farm house 10 miles out in the country away from all the fun and lights of the city! Secret Service had to come and scour the place and mom couldn't tell anyone about it until after he left. It was an amazing thing to think that he slept in the same  bed that I slept in (and still sleep in!) Sadly this young man has passed away in a skiing accident several years ago.
2. Is true! I knew that I had an awful lot of post its, pens and scissors, but I truly realized just how many I had when I cleaned out and emptied my room last spring. Holy cow! Imagine the savings I've had this year, since I haven't been buying all of those!
3. Is a lie! Yes I was raised on a farm, and yes I do have a green thumb and all of my fingers are green too. I have many plants inside my house that do well all year round. My gardens outside also look pretty good right now. (except for the hail we got last week, really damaged my hostas!)

So thanks for playing along! Come back this Tuesday for more fun!

Sarah Nicole, Alyce, Mrs. Kidd, and Mrs. Barnett You are very smart people. Will you be right next week?

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  1. I doubt it! But I, fortunately, had some insider information for last week! Have a fun week!!


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