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Monday, May 4, 2015

Teachers Helping Teachers

Where would we be without our fellow teachers? I think I'd be down in the dumps a lot if I couldn't lean on all of you!
In this Teacher's Appreciation Week, I want to say that I SO SO SO appreciate YOU! You've shared things with me, encouraged me, and kept me in line!
But the one person who was my mentor, my guide, and now my friend is Christina Bainbridge. She has an adorable blog called Buntings, Books, and Bright Ideas. She is my hero! She's stronger than ever and yet as gentle as they come. 
I am celebrating Christina this week by sending her some love and a gift card to Target (her very favorite store!) and I'm also participating in this linky that Melissa from Mrs. Daily's Classroom and Layla from Fancy Free in 4th  have created. Please feel free to join in and give a shout out or two to someone who has influenced you along the way. 
Now I would feel just plain awful if I didn't also highlight some of my favs and just maybe you'll like these people too.

click on the picture to go to Alyce's blog

click picture to go to Denise's blog

click picture to go to Deanna's blog

click picture to go to Amy's blog

Now, if you'd like to read about some more loving shared by other teachers, all you need to do it to go to this link and add your thoughts.

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