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Friday, December 12, 2014

Vowels Teams ON SALE!

Now that I've finished doing the maternity leave for my daughter-in-law in kindergarten, I have a new job.

This time it's more geared toward my mentality. I teach in a different building with just 2nd graders. I work in a tiny room big enough for one table and 3 chairs. There are 2 book shelves a white board and a waste basket. That's IT! 

But I have to tell you, that I LOVE it! I work 8:30 until noon and only 4 days a week. I work one to one or with two kids at a time. I have no papers to check, no conferences, no meetings, no report cards. I am just doing what I love. . . .working with kids. Isn't that what teaching is supposed to be? 

One of the games we've been playing is called Vowel Teams. It requires the child to look at one of the two words and to decide what the words say. Sometimes they might know one of the words, but not the other. So by figuring out one of the words, they just might be able to figure out the other.

The fun gets going when they draw one of the special cards. They might get to Grab more cards, 

or maybe they draw a YIKES! card and have to put all their cards back in the bottom of the pile.
She doesn't look too happy does she?

Sometimes they have to trade their cards with someone, in this case it was me! I had all these cards and they both didn't have many.

They both wanted me to trade with them!
The game goes up and down and sometimes it really goes bad! Little Miss Blonde wasn't so happy with this one!

I think your kiddos will love this, so I'm offering it to you for just this weekend at 20% off. 
You can grab it HERE. If you get it, please leave me some lovin' and I'd love to have you come back and tell me what you think of it. Did it help your kids? Did it make reading those tricky vowel patterns more fun? Fill me in!

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