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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Little Hug Helps us Learn

Did you have fun shopping? I did! And I want to thank you for shopping at my store. Thanks to you I have had my best sales on a sale day EVER!!!! That was real nice of all of you.

So here's a quick and cheap idea to help you get through the month of December. I am going to use these with some kindergartners that I work with. But you certainly may adjust the idea and make it fit your needs.

All you need is some ©Kisses or ©Hugs of any flavor and some labels. You can use circles if you want but I couldn't find them while I was out shopping. So these little rectangles will do just fine!

My goal is to help these kinders learn to make words by blending the initial, middle and final sounds together. We meet with small groups during our RTI time so this makes a great small group activity. 

On each label put a letter. I chose to put the vowels on the green ©Hugs, and the consonants on the white and red ones. Then I found these cute little boxes that I just happened to have in my basement. . . but I know you can buy them at Michaels.

Inside these boxes have the separate colors of ©Hugs. 

 Then I pulled one of each color out and try to make a word.
 Then I put them back in and pulled out another set of letters.

I think you could use 4 candies and make bigger words or nonsense words. Put letters on the bottom to have the student just identify the name of the letter or the sound.You could put numbers on the bottom and some symbols and make addition or subtraction problems. With numbers on the bottom they could make 2 and 3 digit numbers and learn to say them correctly. 

I'm sure you can think of more ways to use these. Go for it. But please come back and tell me how you used them. I'd love to hear about it!

Of course they are going to want to eat some of these. So you can decide if you want to use these for a couple days then eat some, or use the extras to give as a treat when you're done. 

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  1. You are sooo awesome! I am sooo lucky to be the teacher of one of the classes that you are talking about helping!!! Thanks so much, Patty!!!


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