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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Counting From the Beginning & a Surprise

As a 2nd grade teacher I didn't have to pay much attention to counting by ones. The students just came to me knowing how to count to around. . . 100 pretty easily. Our job was to get them to learn to skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's. 

After working with kinders for 10 weeks, I am now realizing that there's more to counting than I thought. Here's what processes we have to teach:
  • count orally in order
  • write the numbers in order
  • put a set of number cards in order
  • put the cards in order starting at the left 
  • name a number in any order
  • make a set of that number
  • find the word that matches the number
I am just amazed that there is so much involved. 
Who knew? 
Well, I guess I didn't. . . . I just never thought about it. 

So to help my kids be able to practice that better, I made a couple sets of cards to fit the season and help them learn. The numbers that are practiced in this set are from 0-20. They love subitizing and this is another good way to get that into your schedule!

First they have to put the numbers in order.

 Then they find the 10 frame picture to match the number.

This picture shows them trying to match the number word with the number.

If done correctly they might see something like this. 

I also made some tally mark cards from 1-10. Tallying is still fairly new to my kids so I didn't push it too much.
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If you're still here reading. .. BONUS!. . . .
I want to give 3 sets away this weekend. Follow me, leave your email address, and your favorite number. I will pick a winner on Sunday night. 


  1. I'm not sure I have a favorite number, but I'm going to say eight. Thanks for always sharing your creativity and joy so freely!

    Smiles from the south,


  2. Super cute cards! Love all your ideas for using them. My favorite number is 12.


  3. My favorite number is 5!


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