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Friday, March 28, 2014

What to do on a weekend? Go $HOPPING!

What else do you have to do this weekend, but SHOP! I know I'm pretty excited that many people have thrown together this impromptu sale and boy did it spread like wild fire!

Thanks to Zip-a-dee-doo-da for making these cute signs!

Join many of us for a big sale this weekend. Clean out that wish list, look for some new things, and spend those credits that you've been saving! (Did you know you get credits for leaving comments after buying something?)

Georgia Homegrown Kiddos has a linky that you can follow to see many other stores that are on sale.

Beth Ann made this lovely banner showcasing many of us who are in this sale. I'm sure you can find ME!
Fifth row, sixth one over!

Here are some of my latest things you might want to check out!

And my all time best seller is this:
It comes in color AND black & white.

And one piece of news that is not a sale but a great idea! 
This is how we had our kids keep track of books and minutes on RAZ Kids during March. For each 10 minutes of RAZ kids they got one sprinkle. For each 100% on AR they got a sprinkle. For each ten books read they got a sprinkle. Our little school of 150 sure sprinkled the heck out of this giant sundae in our gym!

Thanks for stopping by. . .I hope you have fun shopping!


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