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Monday, March 24, 2014

Report Cards, Text Features, and Weather OH MY!

Whew! I finally finished those wonderful report cards. How do you feel about them? I know they are important and I know parents love to see how their child is doing. The amount of time it takes to do a full class set of cards is so time consuming. I have 28 kids in my class. We use a standards based report card, so I have about 25-30 boxes to fill in for each child. I believe the comments on the back are so important and sometimes easier for parents to understand, so I always try to put more info in that area. 

Now that they are finished I feel a ton of relief off my shoulders. I suspect that all of us have that feeling. We are currently on trimesters and we have to do these report cards 3 times a year. (Along with all the assessments that are required to see what they know!) Next year we are going to semesters and will only have to do these report cards twice a year, but will have a mid term report that will be easier to fill out in between each semester. How often do you have to do report cards?

I have just finished using Deanna Kahlenberg's (from Primary Punch) text features activities. They are so thorough and they truly helped my kids learn all about them. I took pictures, but of course, I left my camera at school. So instead let me show you some of her pictures.

Just click on the picture above to go to her Scavenger Hunt. 

You can pick up a free set of your own by clicking HERE. And then if you like those, go back and grab some of her other activities to use with these. 

In lower Michigan it is finally beginning to look like spring and I can see a lot of grass in my yard. However, since this is Michigan, we are expecting another 2-3 inches of snow tonight! uggghhh!
 Enough teasing Mother Nature!

Thanks for stopping by to visit today. I hope you'll check out Deanna's Blog and her store. She is one of my many favorites!

If you'd like to know more about DJ Inkers fonts and clip art, click the picture below.


  1. I have been an absent blogger because of report cards and preparing for conferences, which are this week. We are on trimesters. There are so many small grades to give and then we have the comment box. We can write about 1,200 characters (that includes spaces). It's hard to condense an entire trimester into that space! I have never actually tallied how many hours of time they take to write....and proof!
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  2. We do report cards 4 times a year, and the current ones go home on Friday. Yippee, they are done!!


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