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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feedback Frenzy Pay$ Off!

Did you know that if you have purchased something in the past you can earn credits for TPT? All you have to do is to leave a kind, helpful comment and bingo! You'll get a credit. Those credits add up. And if you're looking for ways to save money this weekend, that's one way to do it. 

You might be thinking, "How do I know if I did or didn't leave feed back?" 

Here's how: Go to your account. Look up your purchases. Skim down through them. If you see it blinking, it's probably reminding you to leave some feedback. Take the time to do that before you shop. Then when you are ready to check out you can use those credits to pay your bill. It will tell you how much is left for you to pay after you 
turn the credits in. 

If you're in to shopping, saving, and getting a bargain, then you need to double check your purchases to see if there is any that you have forgotten to do. I know that I did!

Also sometimes a seller will update their products. This is also the place where you'll find those updates. They too will have a blinking sign to let you know something has changed. 

I hope  you have fun shopping this next two days. It's one of the best sales TPT has!


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