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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bulletin Board Idea

I hate boring bulletin boards and I must say I have seen some cute ones on a lot of blogs. So this week we only had two days. . . Yup that's what I said 2. We went to school on Thursday and Friday. Monday and Tuesday the wind chill was -40 degrees. On Wednesday the buses wouldn't run because they use diesel fuel and when it's that cold it turns to gel. (I didn't know that!) So they played around with the buses all day on Wednesday and sure enough we were ready to roll on Thursday. 

But what do you do with a 2 day week? No spelling test, don't want to start any units. . . . so let's play! 

This is my listening center. 
I try to change the books with the seasons or holidays.
This is a tree map that we will do this week. I have the snowmen part laminated so I can use it every year. Then I just add the paper beneath it so that the kids can write the words in that will answer What snowmen have, can, and are.

 On Friday we made Negative/Postive or Symmetrical Winter hats. It's a lot of fun and it really shows you who gets this process and who needs more help. 

 These symmetrical hats help my littles see how to do some serious problem solving. Trying to make something look negative and positive isn't easy for everyone. 

My principal happened to walk in just to see how we were doing and I loved that she mentioned how they were Symmetrical. Well, of course they are. So we got some fun out of math!


Does anyone remember the Trumpet Book Club? 
At the beginning of their existence they had the best books!
It's just too cool of a picture from Lois Ehlerts book to get rid of!

Do any of you take the Northwest Educational Assessment? It is sometimes called MAPS  or NWEA.
We take it and the charts and graphs part always stumps my kids. So I made up a few that are similar to some that I've seen on their test. 
It is now available in my store and I really think it will help your kids to think differently and to see the patterns that help you solve problems.

You can click on any of these pictures to take you to my store to see more about this product!

I have a full week of school this week. I better get on to my lesson planning!


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