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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Michigan Meet UP!

I am super excited! I get to meet a lot of you! 

I know, I know, I wish I could meet ALL of you!

But for now, we're starting with Michigan. If any of you live in Michigan and would like to join us, we would LOVE to have you! You don't even have to have a blog. If you are a stalker reader, follower, or teacher, we want you to feel welcome!

Christina and I are planning this get together, so please hop over to Christina's blog to sign up so we know how many are coming. 

We will talk, laugh, share, giggle, eat, listen, and become closer friends. So why wouldn't you come?

We are meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan on the west side of the state, so maybe you are from another state, but you are in Michigan vacationing, then you can drive over to see us. 

Check your calendars, but hurry, it's this coming Saturday. . . yup that's one week from today. . . start the countdown!


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