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Friday, February 15, 2013

On the Way to Texas, I met a Friend

Hi y'all! My husband and I flew to Houston last night to see our daughter and son in law. We love seeing them and going to a warmer place in February is always a perk.

Our school has today and Monday off, so it makes for a nice getaway!

We left Michigan in the mid twenties, and its in the sixties and sunny here. Love that!

Now that everyone is napping before we go to dinner, I thought I would update my blog....

You know how you sometimes worry about who will take that vacant seat by you in the plane? Will they hog the arm rest? Will they smell funny? Will they want to make small talk when I don't want to make small talk?

I got a great person to sit by me last night. She told me she was a teacher in Chicago public schools! How cool is this....we have something in common!  She teaches middle school reading and writing. She is desperate for resources.

Can you read my mind? Can you see where my conversation is going to go? (I could feel my husband thinking, here she goes, she's going to tell her!)

I asked her if she had ever heard of TPT. . . She had not. Oh my! I have an interested ear now. I explained how she could search the site to narrow down what she was looking for and how she could follow some middle school blogs for help too. She was so impressed she wrote it down in her phone!

People! I found someone who didn't know about us!! And I filled her in. We will have a new friend on TPT....and I bet she tells others in Chicago about us. I was wishing I had free wifi on my plane because I would have shown her exactly what to look for...but I wasn't going to pay $8.00 for it.

Just when I think everyone knows about us, I find out, I'm wrong!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend too!


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