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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Disappointing Day and a Great Celebration to Enter

Today I had to put on my "Disappointed Teacher Hat". It wasn't very pretty either. I'm absolutely sure that you have had to wear this hat too at one time or another.

(and if you haven't then I need your secret so that I don't have to wear this again!)

I was absent from school yesterday, helping my mom and dad back home. The sub I had has been in my room before, she's a retired teacher in our building, she knows this group of kids from last year too. She's a firm teacher and I knew that she could control my class. . . . .

But. . . .

I didn't realize just how controlling my kids were. . . . .and I had a mess on my hands.
Not that things were physically out of place, but that too many kids were out of control.

Here's a short list of what I know happened:

  • Too noisy during an assembly
  • rude and talking while she read to them
  • getting into computer programs they know they are not to use
  • taking AR tests without reading the book, then asking a friend to tell them the answers
  • reading books in RAZ Kids that were well below their level 
  • taking tests on books in RAZ Kids that they hadn't read the book, seeing the correct answers then retaking the test again, just to get the points
  • turned my tv on and then disappeared out of view, so the sub didn't know who did it
  • fooling around and not working, etc
So you can believe that I was extremely flustered. 

Not sure what you would have done, but here's what I did. We have a short week this week and don't have school this Friday or next Monday. 
I took away their recess for today, tomorrow, and Thursday. I made them write during recess what happened yesterday, what they did wrong, (they needed to admit to things) what they saw others doing, an apology, and try to persuade me to give them the recess back on Thursday.

It was a great quiet recess, and I got a lot done. I also read what they wrote and have 3 names of who they thought turned the TV on. We will talk tomorrow. 

I do plan to excuse a few kids tomorrow who I'm pretty sure are innocent and didn't have problems. As far as Thursday's recess, I'm still not sure what I will do. 

But they got the message. I was deeply disappointed, and I wasn't sure if this sub would ever want to come back. Their writings were very sweet and most admitted to being wrong and asking for forgiveness in a good way. It was clear they understood my feelings. I also sent a letter home to the parents and asked them to review their expectations with their child and to sign the note and return it tomorrow. I'm hoping to see a lot of these returned. 

What do you think? Was I too tough on them? Not tough enough? What would you have done?

Now, on to happier times! 

Marie at The Hands On Teacher is having a big celebration and YOU are invited to check it out! She has lots to give away and YOU will want to enter and YOU will want to win. . . . won't YOU?


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  1. Ohh man. I had one of those days last week. We had a class-wide shut down...they lost computer privileges for the week, lost end-of-the-day breaks, and left with the threats that if it happened again, a more severe consequence would happen (I purposely left it vague...because I don't know what the more severe consequence would be yet..). I'm hoping this is where it ends for my kids...


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