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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Winner Winner If only to be thinner!

I wanted to get to this sooner, but I took a nap. . . I know . . . A NAP!!! and it wasn't just one of those power 20 minute naps. It was a full fledged new baby 2 and a half hour nap! Jeesh! I just couldn't sleep last night. . . maybe because of too much caffiene in my diet cokes (yes, not one, but many!), maybe it was over stimuluation from the computer. . . . That's the ticket! or maybe it's just weirdness!

However, there was a perk to staying up so late. I watched a big storm come in and drench us (we are in a serious drought in lower LOWER Michigan right now!) for about an hour! I do think I heard the grass, trees, and shrubs say, "AAAAAHHHH!"

Thanks to all who helped me launch my first activity to sell on TPT. I asked you to guess my favorite number. I told you there wouldn't be a true way to prove it. . . . sort of.. . .but there really was. . . . My favorite number is THREE . . . . 3. .. . and that's how many guesses I was going to accept. . . so I did tell you my favorite number!
Since only 2 people guessed the correct answer and since I promised 3 prizes, I decided to go to the next closest answers. . . but that made it into 4 winners. So Storie, you are the BONUS!!! Yea for you! Each of you will be getting the file in your emails. . . but it will be later tonight. I have to go to a golden birthday for my niece who turned 18 yesterday on the 18th!

Congrats to the winners and now I'm anxious to see how this project sells.



  1. What a great surprise! Thanks for including me as a bonus :)
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  2. Woo Hoo!! So happy I guessed three!


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