Sunday, September 26, 2021

100 Years Old = $1.00 Sales

 This is a sad week for my family. My father would have turned 100 on Thursday. Sadly, he contracted c o v i d 

in January and left us to be with my mom. We knew he would be able to live to 100. . . it was in his genes. His mom lived to be 101. Dad was still living at home, still driving, still cooking and showering by himself. Still did those tough Sudoko puzzles every day! Still took care of every part of his life until the very end. He was born in the same house he died in. This house holds so many memories for us. 

So to honor his life, I've put a few things on sale this week for only $1.00. Somehow 100 pennies doesn't seem to equal 100 years. But for you, it will be a nice savings. I hope you can find something that you'd like to grab for this great price. 

Click the picture to go to my store.

Click on this picture to go to my store. 

Come back tomorrow to see what else is on sale. 

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