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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Making My Masterpiece! Have You Made Yours?

Make Your Masterpiece!

If you want to see other Masterpieces, just click on the picture above!

 The lovely ladies are at it again. This week the challenge is to make something new and showcase it here. I happened to have had a product that I started a while ago, but this gave me encouragement to finish it and get it posted. The good thing is that it's perfect for Back to School. 

 I know that increasing vocabulary is important and sometimes tricky for kids. Now my masterpiece is complete and here is my newest set of Words in Context set.   
(Plus. .. everything is on sale in my store until Saturday!)


Thanks to Rebecca Morley from Edventures at Home for proofing my work. Stay tuned and I will share what she made on my next blog post.

A while ago I made a set of cards to help students with new vocabulary words. They had to read the text and try to figure out the meaning of a new word. They could use the text to help them understand the meaning or they could use the picture to help them. This set all about Community Helpers became a good seller for me. Here's a pic of that set.

You can see it in my TPT Store by clicking HERE!

Thank you for inspiring me to get a move on this summer. I don't know what motivation I will be using after next week!


  1. I agree that increasing vocabulary is very important! Your TpT items look great! If you aren't going to Vegas next week I plan on having a linky party and giveaway. If you have a chance stop by my blog to read all about it and link up! :)

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