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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's so Easy To Be A Winner

In case you haven't heard I'm involved in a fabulous giveaway.

Totally Sweet Math Centers by Tabitha is hosting this wonderful event.
You can scroll down to my last post to enter the rafflecopter for that one. There are 4 days and 6 hours left on that one. And if by chance you have already entered, then tell a friend. Share it on your blog, post it on Facebook, or email someone! YOU WILL WANT TO WIN THIS STUFF!

And there is ANOTHER Give Away I'm involved in. Katie from Keep Teaching and Planning is having a birthday party, and YOU get to win the prizes! Be sure to visit her blog  to see all the fun things she does for her students and US too! You have 1 day and 7 hours (as of this minute!) to enter. So get to gettin' and enter!

I have been a tad busy with my newest grand daughter and this morning I had to tear myself away in tears to come back home from Houston. I love this baby with all my heart. Just as I do Miss Tenley who is now 2 years old if you've been reading my blogs for that long! I can't believe that she is that big already. 

I'll blog more about my trip and the next BABY that's coming to my family, real soon. 

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