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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Memories

This is my mom a couple years ago with my niece. She was always a loving woman who wanted to spend time with her family. (And I also think she is a beautiful woman too!)

I love being a mom.

These are my kids, their spouses and my granddaughter
 with my mom last summer.

I REALLY love being a Gramma!

And while I keep getting weepy when I think about Mother's Day this weekend. . . a wise friend told me tonight to focus on ME being a mom and a grandmother. My own mom would not want me to be sad this weekend. (Thanks Theresa!) 

But when the whole world is celebrating, buying flowers, going out to dinner and making things for their mom.
 I'm not.

That's what makes me sad. 

I did all those things in the past. I did not forget about her on Mother's Day. She has plenty of pictures, things I made and memories of flowers that I sent her. I just can't do them anymore. 

My mom was the coolest 90 year old mom! 
At 88 she made this quilt for my daughter's first baby. 
(And she wasn't even pregnant yet!) 

I told mom last summer that I hadn't given it to Mackenzie yet, and that I wanted to wait for her to get pregnant before I gave it to her. She said that was all right. I told her that Mackenzie would love it and thank her over and over for it. She said she knew that and that it was just fine for me to wait to give it to her. I think she knew that she wouldn't be around for Mackenzie to get pregnant. Although it didn't take long! Mackenzie told us she was pregnant just after Thanksgiving. 

I am truly grateful for the time I had with my mom. I'm especially glad that she waited for school to get out so I could spend a lot more time with her in the summer. I'm glad that she passed peacefully in her own home where she wanted to be. I'm positive she is in heaven and that she has no regrets about her life. 

Now I need to focus on my students and their moms. They deserve to have a memorable gift from their youngsters. So tomorrow we will make something so perfect it will make their mom's tear up inside. (I'm just not sure what that gift will be yet. But hey! I've got a few more hours tonight to come up with something!)

So Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mothers, all of you who have mothered someone, and all of you who will be mothers someday. My heart is full with a mother's love tonight!


  1. I'm right there with you. I lost my mom several years ago. It's still hard, still miss her.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you. Thanks for this reminder. I still have my mom, but I never know for how long. Thinking of you this weekend.


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