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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Movie & Book Party

Every year my family of 3 sisters and their families gather at each other's houses to see their decorated houses and to have some fun of course.
We all live in the same county about 20 minutes apart from each other. We all happen to like each other . . . I know. . . that IS strange isn't it? We spend a lot of time together so this gathering is just another reason for us to see each other . . . .

and EAT!

We started making themes to the parties a while back. . . There was the Ugly Sweater Party, Color Party, (each family dressed in one color), and this year was A Christmas Movie or Book Party.

Everyone immediately thinks of Christmas Vacation with the white sweater, black dickey, bathrobe and hunter's cap.

But NO one did that one!

My sister and her family all came in their pajama's and they represented T'was the Night Before Christmas.

. . . my other sister did nothing really. . . (party pooper!) But they all had Santa hats on and were full of spirit! (That's more important!)

My 3rd sister had to go to her in-laws so she wasn't there. 

And my family did Alvin and the Chipmunks. . . Except we changed it to Malvin because my husband's name is Mike!

My daughter and her husband arrived in time from Houston, but my son was with his wife's family for their Christmas. It is so hard to get everyone that you love all in one place! 
So in the meantime we have fun with who ever shows up. 

Now one more picture. Our families are growing and that means more babies!
 I just have to show you this little cutie! 

His name is Dexter and don't cha just love those lashes! 
He will be so handsome when he outgrows his cuteness!

Did you know tomorrow is Christmas Eve? OMGoodness! 
That just can't be! So I'm outta here to finish wrapping! 

I want to wish you all peace, safety, love, security and
 above all God's presence in your life!




  1. Love "Malvin and the Chipmunks"! You are too cute!

    Merry Christmas friend!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

  2. What a blessing your fun-loving family is!


  3. Can you be followed by e-mail?


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