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Friday, April 20, 2012

Holly (who was almost Holy according to my typing!) over at Crisscrossapplesauce is having a linky party. . . I must make a confession. . .. I have never done this before. . . but I'm going to join her linky party.

Why did I join this one? Who on God's Earth knows. Because this one is driving me crazy! She wants us to show our classrooms. . . but not just the classrooms, but ALL of the Good, AND the Bad, . . . . AND the UGLY!

They UGLY? Are you kidding me? Do you know what it takes for this girl to show YOU the UGLY? I am going to have to go into therapy for showing you this. I don't share my UGLY with anyone. . . . ANYONE!

So for me to post these pictures, you have to swear that you won't snicker, gasp, giggle, or sigh in shame. AND you must NOT share them with anyone!

Now, I've been teaching for many years, and I do know that many of you have rooms like mine and some people have rooms that are in worse condition. One of my analnesses. .. (is that a word?) one of my acts of being anal is that I stay late once in a while and actually put things away and straighten things up. I even rearrange things from time to time. But other than the people in my own building, I don't share my room with others. And God forbid I wouldn't ever share them with the world. . . . I still don't know why I'm doing this. Must be because it's Friday and that I want to keep a friendship going with you!

If you feel so inclined to join her, grab that button up there and go to it! She's given us an assignment and we better do what she says!!! Or Else!!

Here goes! Start at the top, those aren't so bad. . . and yes I straightened up a bit. . . I HAD to. I couldn't bring myself to be so transparent!

Each teacher puts a "HOT" book on their desk to highlight.
This is an idea to share with your students what a good book is.
That's why I have Elmer on my stand.
Behind the curtains are the indoor recess games and some of the other things I use for centers.
We have 4 Mini computers stacked in the corner with head phones.
Plus these two computers here and two more on the other wall. So I can run groups of 8 or less. One group on the computers, one at centers or seatwork, and one with me for 30 minutes each. We do this once in the morning for reading and once in the afternoon for math.
Take home books for homework each night.
AR Books for free choice reading.
Extra books like I Spy, student made books, magazines, poetry books,  yearbooks, etc.
Listening center and math centers.
Supplies needed for students.
 Now we're getting into the more cluttered look.
2 computer stations with shelves above to hide my own library, videos, and
those wonderful binders we all have so many of!
Do you recognize any of your things from blogs on my walls?

Above on the left is the sunrise/sunset chart! It's fascinating to see how the amount of daylight changes throughout the year. At Christmas time we have about 9 hours of sunlight. In the middle of the summer we have 14! That's a huge difference in daylight!

 Below is our lunch count.
 Homework Check in. . . move your name inside the green box if you brought it
and leave your name out of the green box if you didn't.

This is the REALLY bad part. . . cover your eyes with your hands and spread your fingers apart just a little to view this please!

If you have made it this far, and you don't feel faint, then you could be a true friend. . . I will be doing some therapy after this episode. . . It might be retail therapy, but it will surely make me feel a  whole lot better!



  1. Patty, Patty, Patty - be ONE with your room. Take a deep breath...feel good about coming "clean" with the good, the bad and the ugly. Honestly, I think it's so nice to know that we don't all teach from these perfect classrooms. Perfectly, lived in and learned in? YES! LOVE IT...

    Okay, now you have one more thing to do. Come on over to my blog, look at the bottom of that linky party post and click on the blue little link that says "add your link"and follow the directions.

    Big hugs for joining in!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. Oh, and your classrom is colorful. I love it, really!!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. Your classroom looks so wonderful!! I love your desk, so modern and clean and all those computers!! I am jealous. Love, love, love the closets. I couldn't take a good picture of mine, because I couldn't even get the doors opened!!! Thanks so much for sharing:)
    I know you feel better after that confession;)

    Surfin' Through Second

  4. Patty! I am tempted to call the custodian to let me go in over the weekend to take pictures of my classroomto make you feel better. I have inherited a classroom with teacher materials that have been hand-me-downs for at least the last three teachers. Phonics pages and even dittoes(remember how good they smelled?) are still in one of my file cabinets. When I took out my drawers, I found a paper about colonial times from 1974. My classroom was still a second grade class back then. My radishes and lettuces that didn't grow are still in the tank in the back of the room, pattern blocks from before winter break, and writing that needs to be graded (any takers?)are still waiting for me in my classroom on Monday. I put away my Easter eggs that we used for place value today. The library baskets are losing their tags. I am constantly with my kids or creating or modifying for my kids. I need to sort and pack my classroom to move to another building, and our current parking lots will be closed as of June 12. I didn't see any ugly in your room.
    Tammy Barbour
    Second Helpings


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