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Monday, December 17, 2012

Peace Doves

My kids were awesome. . . no one said a word about the weekend. . . no one acted like anything had happened. We were all prepared and . . . NOTHING.

Our assistant Superintendent stopped by to chat with us before school to iron out any concerns. But so far nothing changed.

We all wore green and white, even our assistant supt! 
It looked and felt nice to be united for the Sandy Hook family.

I did hug each and everyone of my kids. .. maybe even gave them a couple hugs. .  .I quit counting!

We made these cool Peace Doves.

But first we talked about symbols. . . + is for addition, - is for subtraction, 
a red octagon tells us to stop, the peace symbol represents peace. . . 
and a dove also represents peace.

Then we made them. 

Each one is a bit different. .  well, isn't that true art?

I hung them from my ceiling and they look amazing. 

They will take them home on Friday to hang on their tree.

Did anything change as far as our building? Well yes, it did. . . Lots of meetings were held by administration and the police departments. The minor changes that we have to make are painless and ever more 
helpful to our students and parents. 

1. No more taping the doors so they can open. . . They must be locked at all times (they were before, but  a piece of tape over the door jam allowed us to come and go effortlessly.
 Now the tape will be gone. 

2. Doors always shut. (boo! I'm an open door person. . . 
don't like to feel closed in!) 

3. We all have identification badges, but most of us don't wear them. 
We now have to wear them everyday. 

Those are the most important changes and truthfully, I can live with them all. . . . no pun intended. 
I really can deal with them!

Did you have any changes? Can you share them?

4 days left and onward we go!


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