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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Area Freebie and a big BOO!

"It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween". . . oh wait! That's a Christmas song. . . well, sing a long with me anyway. . . "Every where you go. ..  There's a cat in the window, with eyes all a glow, it looks as if he's going to jump and get me OH!"

So today is a Windy Day in South West Michigan. . . you might ask, how windy?
Let me start at the beginning. . Missy Squirrels asked many of us to take pictures of our trees changing colors for a project for her son. So since I live next door to a nice big park, I took pictures of the trees there. Here is one of them.

Can you see that tree inside that red circle? I know it's small, but it's important that you see it!
Because later this afternoon, my husband said he heard a BOOM! that sounded like a gun shot! He looked all around the house and saw nothing. But when he looked out at the park, this is what he saw!

Yikers! That is the same tree except now it is on the ground. It is so lucky that no one was hurt. It was a fairly nice day and there are quite often kids that play in there.

So back to the Halloween theme! I do love Halloween. . . I am not sure if it is because I love the colors black and orange, (my high school colors, the colors of the first school I taught at and my current school colors!) or if it's because it's fun to dress up, or if it's because it's my birthday month. But no matter, I do love this time of year.

I have several things in my TPT store that are Halloween themed, so go grab some if you're looking for stuff.
I also got BOOed (that's in a good way!) from my friend Christina. I know you all know her blog Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge! She must have had too much Halloween candy today, watched too much of the Lions, or is horribly sick today. Because she said some really nice things about me on her blog. I for one think she must be drunk! But thank you Miss Christina! You're a peach for being so kind to me.  As she said, we are friends, but also we teach less than 10 miles from each other.
So it's kind of fun knowing she's got my back. . . or front!

It's my turn to share this lovin' with some people who I admire and want to give a surprise to.

One of my other Michigan friends is Holly from Crisscross Applesauce. I got to actually meet her during the summer. She made such an impression on me! She really makes me laugh. I love the way she thinks of things and keeps a cool head. I would love it if we taught in the same school. She is a first grade teacher, but many times the things she talks about or shares are very similar to the things that happen with my second graders.
So if you don't know Holly (Holly Wally!) , then stop in and say Boo! to her too.

Another person who I admire is Corinna from Surfin Through Second. She is not in Michigan, but in Hawaii! Every time I go to her site or talk to her, I can feel like I'm sitting with her in her warm tropical home. (well, not really, but I can wish I was sitting with her!) She makes adorable things and shares about her culture with all of us. I am not sure I will ever get to visit there, so knowing she is there to tell us about how life is there, makes me feel more worldly! Thanks Corinna for the imaginary vaca!

And lastly, I have to introduce you to Miss Squirrels, also known as Staci.
(yup, she really does have a first name!) Her blog is called Going Nutty in Miss Squirrels First Grade
(I know it's a long title isn't it!)
She is a friend on Facebook too and I have gotten to know her humor and I love it. Let's face it, if we don't laugh through our days, we will go nutty. . . sorry Staci! No offense! She has a delightful family that she adores and they all seem as goofy as she is, . . . and I mean that in a good and loving way. So stop over at her blog sometime and see if she's someone you'd like to get to know better.

Have you read this book?

It's by Rhonda Gowler Greene. She's a Michigan Author who visited our school a few years back. This book is so good to read at this time of year.  When you read it to your kids, you get them all sucked in to the story, and then on the one page, it yells "BOO!" and if you can really give it some gusto, the kids will ALL jump out of their skin! It's an adorable story about how kids THINK they hear things at night, but their parents brush it off as nothing. Look for it, you'll be glad you did.

Now, if you have stuck around long enough, and if you've truly read everything, EVERYTHING, yes, even this little stuff down here. . .. . .

Then I have a freebie for you. We are working with measurement in science right now. (Isn't that great that it goes right along with stuff in math, so we can get a heads up on it before it comes along in our math book!)

With all the leaves that fell today in our wind . . . see there's a tie in here, from the beginning to the end!. .. I made a measuring area paper that uses leaves. You can pick it up Here and HERE!  You need to grab both. Since one is a word doc and the other is excel, I didn't know how to combine them.

 (Just noticed that the graph has 2 pages to it. . . but the second page is not needed. For some reason I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. So just remember to only print the first page! So Sorry!)

I hope you like it and if you grab it, please let me know that you LOVE it,
don't be a "booger" and leave bad things!

I'll leave you with one more thing. . . Since I told you this is my birthday month, and I'm going to be OLD! I'm going to have a % off SALE. But I haven't decided what % to give.  First  2 people to guess by exact age that I will be will get to choose any one thing from my TPT store to have for free.



  1. I love ya, Miss Patty!!!!! When are we getting together again. I hope my friends who don't live inside of the computer don't see the part about having a "cool head"...they'll start calling my Sybil!!!!

    BIG HUGS!!!!



    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. That book looks like so much fun! I just found your blog and am your newest follower! I'll guess 45...yikes....I hope I'm not insulting, that's how old I am sooo...I think age is all in our heads ;) Happy Birthday!
    Love the freebie, thanks for sharing =)

    Second Grade Spots and Dots

  3. I'm excited to check out the Eek! Creak! book. I love "scaring" the kids with books like that. They love it too, and always want me to read it again. I'm guessing 56. Happy Birthday! :) Ronda

  4. just came across your blog- LOVE it! such fun ideas. i'm guessing 54 :)
    happy birthday!

  5. Cute leaf graph activity...we are going on a nature scavenger hunt in a couple of weeks, so this would be a great follow up!

    I am guessing 57.

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com


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