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Friday, May 11, 2012

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I am so excited! For many reasons!

Let's see  . . . . 

First. . . . I received beautiful flowers this morning from my daughter and her husband in Houston.

Aren't they PURDY!!!!

Second. . . . It's a beautiful day in southern Michigan. Just the right temperature. Beautiful sunshine. No humidity.. . PERFECT!

Third . . . . it's FRIDAY!!!! Need I say more?

Fourth. . . I found out I am a winner from Learning Resources! Whooopeee!

Many of the blogs are advertising a microphone recorder thingie from them. So of course I have to sign up to win one. One of the ways to enter was to "like" them on Facebook. Well, that's easy enough to do!
When I went to their Facebook page they said they were having another give away. . . . all you had to do was to write about your favorite teaching moment. And they would randomly draw a winner.
Holy Moly! That's all?  That's easy enough. . . but to narrow it down to one is the tough part.
So I wrote about my own two kids being teachers and having good jobs. And since my son teaches in the same district that I do and he teaches 3rd grade many parents request him because they figure if they like me, they'll like him too! It's a very proud moment for this old teacher!

Well Lo and Behold, they said I won! and when I checked it out on FB. . . . sure enough, I was the last entry and they had picked Me! . . . yes, Me!

Another Whoooppeee!

But I don't know what I won. They are going to send me a box of stuff soon. . . I just have to be patient and wait. . .



I used that all up during the daytime! I don't know if I can be more patient. 

But that's the way it is, and I have to wait.

Stay tuned. I'll fill you in as soon as it gets here.

So, Moral of the story. . . enter contest people.. .. you really can win!

Also, I found a brand new blog that is very cute and boy does she need us!

She's working on getting 10 followers! Come on ladies. . . we can do this! Especially on Mother's Day weekend. . . (but I don't think she is a mother yet! Maybe, I guess it didn't say on her blog!) Anyway, go visit Ms. Storie at her blog and share some lovin'. There's also a prize involved too!


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  1. Patty,
    Thank you SO much for mentioning my blog here. I received a lot of new followers from your blog and surpassed my goal. You know what that goal!!


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