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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

baby shower for teachers. . . just for fun

This will be a short post. . . I am supposed to be completing my midterms. . . let me be honest. . . I'm suppose to be starting my midterms so they can be sent home on Friday.

Plus it isn't really about teaching. . . but it is about teachers, because my daughter, my daughter-in-law, my niece, and myself are all teachers! So play along with me!

Somehow blogging and stalking is so much more fun. . . I'd like to know what I did with my time before I found these blogs!

This weekend my daughter came home from Houston for the weekend. She and her cousin were giving a baby shower to our son's wife. Does that seem confusing? Anyway, she did a lot of pinteresting (a new word meaning someone who searches Pinterest a lot!) She found some very awesome ideas to give her sister-in-law a very special shower. The theme is Jess is Ready to Pop!

Everything revolved around "Pop!" There was popcorn, pop cans, balloons, lollipops, and even rice krispie treats because they "snap, crackle, and pop!"

 Party Favors for everyone who came.

My daughter-in-law, my neice, and my daughter

My mom is amazed at how big she is and she still has about a month to go.

Everyone signed a block instead of a guest book. So when this baby plays with them, she'll see how loved she is by all of these friends.

It was a huge success and everyone had a good time. I've included a few pictures to give you an idea. My daughter rocks at planning things and making sure every detail is perfect.

That's all. Now on to those Mid Terms! I will get them done, I will get them done, I will get them done!


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